Domestic Relations Division

Common Pleas Court

Domestic Relations Division

The Domestic Relations Division hears all cases related to the family, including divorce, dissolution, custody, child support and civil protection orders. Most of these cases are assigned by Judge Ellwood to the Magistrate.

Magistrate Marcia A. Hollins has been with the Common Pleas Court of Guernsey County since 2002. She previously served as the Assistant Law Director of Cambridge, Ohio, and was in private practice. She is a graduate of Ohio University and received a Juris Doctorate from Capital University School of Law.

For information regarding any cases filed in the domestic division, you can contact the assignment commissioners below.

Guernsey County Common Pleas Court
801 Wheeling Ave.
Cambridge, Ohio 43725


Marcia A. Hollins, Magistrate



You must be a resident of the State of Ohio for 6 months and of Guernsey County for at least 90 days immediately preceding the filing of a complaint for divorce or a petition for dissolution. Due to the complex nature of most divorces/dissolutions and the rules of procedure that must be followed, it is strongly recommended that you seek counsel with a licensed attorney.

If you intend to represent yourself as a “pro se litigant,” you are required to follow the same Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. A packet of forms can be picked up at the Clerk of Courts Office on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse or you can get from the Supreme Court of

Ohio website:

Mediation is available to the parties of a domestic case at a reasonable cost through local attorneys and Haven of Hope, upon motion to the court. You and the other party would meet with the Mediator who is trained to facilitate your discussion and assist you in arriving at an agreement.

If you do not have a case pending and want to try mediation to avoid filing a case, you may contact the assignment commissioner for a list of trained mediators.

(740) 432-9386

A guardian ad litem is an individual appointed to assist the Court in its determination of a child’s best interest. The cost is assessed to the parties. The court uses persons who are certified under Supreme Court Rule 48. The Court’s Guardian Ad Litem Coordinator can be contacted at the number below.

Guardian Ad Litem Coordinator
(740) 432-9332

A Parenting Coordinator is a person appointed by the court to work with high conflict parties in implementing safe and workable parenting plans. The cost is paid by the parties. The Parenting Coordinator is trained and certified by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

For information regarding parent coordinator please contact:

(740) 432-9386

There are two types of protection orders: Domestic violence Protection Orders and Civil Stalking Protection Orders. A party must file a petition for a protection order. The Petition is reviewed the day of filing and an ex parte order may issue. A full hearing is scheduled at a later date.

The forms for filing and the order are mandated by the Supreme Court of Ohio and must be used to file a petition. Before filing, the Petitioner should consult with a victim’s advocate from the Haven of Hope. These advocates are trained and certified and can assist you in filling out the petition and come with you to court.

For assistance, contact:

Haven of Hope
(740) 439-7233 – (740) 432-3542


(740) 432-9386

(740) 432-9332